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Strawchip is made from milled wheat straw. The straw is milled to improve its working characteristics and performance. The straw is dusted and treated for mould and bacteria including salmonella and campylobactor to improve its microbiogical status. This product is notable for its high absorbency and rapid breakdown after use. 

Useful as a fibre and forage source, a bedding product, a bulking agent in animal rations. 

Used regularly by poultry farms, dairy farms, beef lots, Equine & small animals and pets

Comes in a standard 25kg bag.


Farmhill says: As someone who has always been a wood shavings person, I've been quickly converted to straw chip. I find it way more absorbent. It dries out quicker so you can reuse bedding & is therefore more economical. Its also easier to muck out as its not as heavy when it gets wet - we promise you won't be disappointed!

Straw Chip Bale

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